I’m glad Kabimba has joined us – GBM

President Michael Sata needs PF’s support and unity of purpose in order for him to deliver.

This is what I have stood for and discouraged the establishment of parallel structures within PF because that contradicts the ethos of PF.

I have called against premature advancement of ambitions because we must all focus on supporting our President to deliver for the people of Zambia. I have always called on PF structures to remain united behind President Sata’s leadership in order to unite the Party.

Today, 27th October 2013, I’m informed that the Post Newspaper carried the headline: “Give Sata More Years- Kabimba”. They reported that Hon Wynter Kabimba further said that “it’s not easy for anyone to realize their vision in a short period of time…”

I’m glad Hon. Kabimba has joined us on this crusade for uniting the Party in giving President Sata our undivided support. It is good when we see things the same way and speak one language as PF.

This position will also give President Sata the opportunity to concentrate on his people-given mandate to develop Zambia. As leaders in Government we must realize the need to rally solidly behind President Sata so that he focuses his energy on developing Zambia.

May God Bless Our Great Nation.

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba – Defence Minister