If you have money to waste go ahead sue me, Kabimba dares UPND

Take me to court if you have money to waste, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has dared the opposition UPND.

Kabimba who is also General Secretary for the ruling party – Patriotic Front was reacting to threats by the UPND to drag him to court for accusing the party of being behind the killing of a relative to Obvoius Mwaliteta.

The Post, a private owned daily on its January 4, 2013 edition quotes Kabimba linking the UPND to the death of the 19 year old boy who was found dead on Friday.

The UPND says it is taking legal action with Kabimba and promised that soon he will receive summons. UPND Livingstone by-elections campaign manager Garry Nkombo announced today January 4, 2013 that the party is grieved with the statements coming from Kabimba who is the country’s Justice Minister.

Nkombo appealed to President Sata to discipline Kabimba whom he described as not only a danger to the PF and country but to himself (Kabimba) as well.

And information obtained by Zambian Eye on the postmortem indicates that the deceased boy died due to an accident.