If we see no change under Sata, forget it – Masebo

SYLVIA Masebo says if real change and development do not happen under President Michael Sata, then Zambians should forget about it regardless of who is voted into office in 2016.

And Masebo says just as Levy Mwanawasa was unpopular in his corruption crusade, so will be President Sata because he is fighting people with a lot of money.

Speaking when she addressed teachers from different parts of Kapiri Mposhi at Lukanda Secondary School on Saturday evening, Masebo, who is tourism minister, said real change would not be seen regardless of who comes after President Sata.

“If we cannot see real change now under President Sata then we should forget. It does not matter who you will bring in 2016, 2021, there will be no change here; not your children, not my children, maybe our grandchildren. We might not see that change during our time,” Masebo said.

She said President Sata was not excited about being president.