If Sata was a dictator he could have thrown Chimba 3 and others into prison – Shamenda

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda has said Michael Sata is a ‘good’ leader dispelling assertions by critics that he is a dictator.

Speaking today, May 1, 2-013 during Labour Day celebrations in Lusaka, Shamenda said if President Sata was a dictator as suggested by some people he could have thrown all those who insulted him as opposition leader into prison. He said people who insulted Sata in the run-up to 2011 elections were freely walking the streets.

“Who can say you a dictator when you have allowed government to be taken to court? Where is Chanda Chimba (3)? Where is (Edward) Mumbi?,” asked Shamenda and said, “you have allowed these people who insulted you not only to walk freely the streets of Lusaka but the whole country. If you were a dictator you would have thrown them into prison.”

Shamenda said President Sata has even gone further to appoint some people who opposed and insulted him into his government occupying high position.

In the run-up to 2011 elections Chimba the third run a series of Documentaries and the theme Stand Up for Zambia that brought out the bad side of President Sata. The programme also urged Zambians never to vote for Sata saying he was not suitable to lead the country.

But Chimba 3 has since been arrested and is undergoing trial for iligal publication and possessing property suspected to be proceeds of crime.