ICC has no jurisdiction to try Kenyatta – Sata

PRESIDENT Michael Sata says the International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction to try Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

And President Sata says the time has come for Africa to fully handle its own affairs.

Responding to questions from journalists from various African countries shortly after he adjourned the committee of 10 heads of state on the United Nations reforms on Friday evening which he chaired, President Sata said Africans should not rely on foreign elements and allow the West to meddle in their internal affairs.

President Sata said since Independence, many countries were making progress.

“It’s time that Africa should handle its own affairs. We should not allow foreigners to be coming to interfere with us. If you find Kenyan President or Zambian President is at fault with the Kenyan people or Zambian people, let the Kenyan or Zambian people deal with him, not somebody in Hague. Why can’t they (Westerners) try their own relatives?” he asked.