I won’t resign, it’s Enemies out to destroy me – Masumba

Steven Masumba

Steven Masumba

By Martin Mubita

Embattled MP Stephen Masumba featured on Muvi Television’s The Assignment programme for a live text in interview. Masumba has been embroiled in a legal battle that culminated in a conviction and incarceration

What was clear from his demeanour was a victor’s confidence and a blatant lack of remorse. He was initially asked to tell the nation if he would consider resigning as recommended by LAZ or at least on principle.

His response was one of an unyielding attitude, he indicated that he was certain his appeal to the High Court would be looked at in a different light and that he had warm relations with the Head of State who comforted him through his trial. He insisted he has not been abandoned by the president or the party and that in fact some ministers visited him whilst in jail.

Masumba was also asked if he felt he had disappointed his electorate to which he claimed he was dearly loved and that they understood his persecution which goes back as far as 2002, and that in politics it was normal to have enemies but that The Lord would vindicate him.

Masumba made it clear though with great difficulty that he was awarded the certificate regularly and that at no time did he forge a document. He also clarified the story doing the rounds in some media circles that he would use juju to win his case to which he quipped a resounding ‘No’ stressing his strong Christian beliefs and that some sympathisers felt he needed supernatural assistance.

All in all the Masumba saga is a clear indicator of the work Zambians need to do to ensure leadership with integrity is sustained.