I see PF going into ashes – Civil Rights Activist Changala

I see the Patriotic Front (PF) government going into ashes,  Civil Rights Activist Brebner Changala has charged.

Discussing good governance and rule of law during the two years of President Michael Sata’s PF reign when featuring on Hot seat programme on Hot FM Radio, Changala charged that the PF was worse than the former ruling party – MMD. He said the PF was doing the same things they condemned while in opposition.

“I see PF going into ashes,” responded Changala when asked to comment on the ongoing squabbles in the ruling party over who should lead them in 2016.

Changala said President Sata must do something or else the party and himself are gone. He said there is no need to oppose or fight Defence Minister Goeffrey Mwamba over his Sata sole candidature campaign.

The Civil Right Activist observed that PF government was so oppressive, arrogant and abusive. He said the Police service had been turned into a police force against innocent citizen who expressive divergent views to those of the PF government.

Changala said the Public Order Act was being abused where rights of citizens to assemble has been taken away, a situation he described as sad. He said Sata while in opposition was allowed to campaign.

The Civil Right Activist who was recently arrested detained and then discharged observed that the PF regime did not want to be criticized  saying those doing so are tormented and thrown into jail but warned that those abusing their authority will one day made to pay for that.

“Police will be made to account one day for withdrawing people’s rights,” Changala charged. “ They have crossed the red-light and will pay. The police are being abused by PF.”

He said the Police is supposed to protect citizens and not used to violate their rights.

On the constitution making process, he said the exercise had been highjacked adding that people should not expect anything good. He said the constitution making process must be transparent and not secretive as the case is now where there no updates of what is happening.

“There is a conspiracy to highjack the process,” he charged.

Commenting on the media performance, Changala said it was sad that the main stream media was biased towards the PF government. He accused the private owned daily, Post Newspaper of having been turned to a PF mouthpiece adding that Civil Society organizations and church have gone to sleep.

“ Mm’mbe has sold his paper to the PF. Post is dancing to the PF tune they are enjoying. My Church the Catholic is guilty has also gone to bed, the Civil society are cowards they have gone to sleep they are embarrassed after seeing that the PF they supported is a disaster,” Changala charged.

He said the people of Zambia were duped by the PF as it came to power on the pro-poor platform.

“PF came on a platform of pro-poor but now it is a pro-rich. It is each one for himself and God for us all,” remarked Changala.

Changala observed that the people of Zambia are slowly working up that they were cheated adding that PF is quickly loosing touch. He said at the rate things are going PF may be the shortest serving government.

And the majority of the people that called in to contribute to the programme agreed with Changala and complained that the party they voted into government has forsaken them. They complained that the move by government to have buses and taxis painted would result into unemployment.

A caller from Lusaka who introduced himself as Kamanga operating a tax appealed to President Sata to listen to people’s plight. He said the PF was now loosing by-elections because they have stopped listening to people.

” We voted PF so that we could also benefit but they are not listening. They are now telling us to paint cars which would not help,” Kamanga complained. “The owners of the cars don’t want to paint cars so they will sell them and will loose jobs. In Lusaka 2016, they will loose HH will take over. Mr. Sata if you are listening there in State House you are loosing popularity.”

Another tax driver complained about how they are treated by RATSA and Police traffic officers. He said the government they thought would stand for them had forsaken them. He claimed that some PF officials who used to go to the tax drivers to beg for votes now close windows for their cars so they cannot be seen.

The tax driver who said he was a father of six cannot take the harassment anymore threatened that he will go to the village to get some charms to prevent himself.

Proud a prominent Radio show contributor from Lusaka’s Garden township complained of escalating political violence cases. He said the PF leaders should be handed to the International Criminal Court by the next government to account for the political killings going on.

He said the cost of living has extremely gone up accusing the PF of having failed to govern.

“PF has removed itself from power and we shall put HH whether they like it or not. PF is on its way out. Cement is now K80,” he said.

Concluding on the programme, Changala urged Zambians not to give up but continue fighting for a better Zambia. He said he was seeing a bright future, where nature take care about the old people ruining the country.

“I see a bright future, nature is about to take charge. In four years the young generation will take over the mantle,” said Changala.