I learned how to cook nsima, Canadian shares her moment in Zambia

Janice Reitsma cooking local main food, nsima

Janice Reitsma cooking local main food, nsima

Janice Reitsma of Dunnville, Ontario has told Christian Reformed Church that her visit to Zambia was a great moment that she will live to remember the rest of her life.

The Canadian national who also visited Romania for missionary work says Zambia was exceptional and she has since built relationships that will last her lifetime.

Janice also talks about the Greatness of God.

“In Zambia I worked with Lloyd in his youth ministry. He is the youth coordinator for all of Zambia for the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian. I conducted leadership seminars for youth, taught for a couple weeks at a theological college, and did some preaching,” she says.

She howevers says her journey was not without challenges but that God was always there for her.

“There were many challenges along the way. I was definitely stretched but I knew God was working through me. I opened up my mind and heart to the people that I interacted with. By the end of our stay, they were calling Phil (her husband) and me Zambians, we were no longer Canadians,” Janice narrates.

“We were willing to eat their food, eat it the way they eat it and learned to cook it too. I wore clothing that was decent for women to wear. We sang with the youth choir and learned songs in their local languages. All these things opened up doors for building relationships.

A dream come true for me and a rewarding experience. I built relationships that will last a lifetime. I have a second family there. Each step that I take in this incredible journey teaches me more about God and how best to love and serve him. A quote that I think is appropriate right here is on a picture frame in my home, it reads; “Life is not a race, but a journey to be savoured each step of the way” by Nikita Koloff.

Currently my husband and I have settled in the small town of Dunnville, Ontario. He is a truck driver and I am doing landscaping full time. At times I get frustrated and impatient and wonder why God has not thrown a great opportunity my way that is involved in missions. Then I remember that he is in control and his timing is always better. I look around me and say “wow” God you are great, look at all the blessings you have put in my life.”