I have nothing against Sata – Ethiopian Journalist

An Ethiopian Journalist who consistently covered Zambian leader Michael Sata’s drama at the Africa Union Summit in Addis Ababa has said he has nothing against him.

Idriss Ali Nasser explained in his twitter account that contrary to what some people may perceive him of being against the Zambian leader he had nothing against him only that he stole the show at the Africa Grouping.

Richie Tonge Serenje, a Zambian reacted to Idriss that he stops twitting on the Zambian leader.

“Can you please stop re-twitting on this guy @mynassah comments! Mr. know it all! Leave Sata alone,” twitted Richie.

Idriss responded: “Mr Richie Tong don’t worry, I have nothing against Sata. Only that he stole the show.”

Isaac Mwanza reacted saying: “My President lacks diplomacy when handling issues even here at home. Am embarrassed.”

But Richie said the postings sounded hostile towards the Zambian leader and asked that the nation needed to help Sata as its president.

On Friday Idriss covered extensively the Zambian leader’s drama and wondered why Zambian had voted for such a person whom he accused of making plunders whenever he opens his mouth. Here is the link to the story http://zambianeye.com/?p=8801