I have not been arrested – ‘Bufi’ Singer Pilato

pilatoComposer of Bufi song Pilato has not been arrested or questioned by the Police contrary to information going round on Social Media, Zambian Eye has confirmed.

Pilato said from Ndola where he is based that he has not been to any police station today, Zambian Eye has been told.

News circulating on Social Media was that Pilato had been arrested in connection with his popular Bufi (lies) song which is perceived to be teasing the ruling Patriotic Front government.The singer was said to be held at Lusaka Police Central Station waiting to be questioned.

But Pilato whose real names are Chama Fumba has not been arrested or summoned to Police by Saturday unless they were plans to do so.

The popular song which Pilato released recently with another local singer Peterson has been a talk of the moment in Zambia after it hit the airwaves this week.

The song talks about the unfulfilled promises such as reducing fuel price, construction of roads and job opportunities for young people. The songs says all these were lies (bufi) as people are still walloping in poverty. The song which is in Bemba emphases on lies by politicians when they campaigned for elections. The word lies is repeated in different local languages – Boza, bufi, ulabeja., wenye.

The song is a hit playing in private Radio stations and being circulated on the internet. It was played on Radio Phoenix after Let the People Talk programme that featured NAREP leader Elia Chipimo Jr. on Friday.