I have confidence in the Zambian judicial system, RB tells BBC

Former President Rupiah Banda has reaffirmed his confidence in the Zambian judicial system and is hopeful that his innocence will eventually be established.
The former Zambian head of State said that the fact that he has availed himself to the courts is a pointer to his confidence in their ability to dispense justice fairly.
Speaking this morning in a live BBC News Day programme, President Banda said that as a law-abiding citizen, he had a duty to submit himself to the justice system when required to do so.
“Like I said from the very beginning, I am confident in our courts and, like everything, I have agreed to submit myself to the hearings in the courts as a good citizen,” he told the BBC’s Lawrence Pollard in a phone-in interview from London.
Asked on whether it had now become a trend for every Zambian president to prosecute their predecessors, President Banda said he had not expected himself to be in his current predicament.