I cannot beg for your votes, Sata tells Mukaika residents

President Michael Sata has told the people of Mukaika constituency in Katete District of Eastern province that he cannot beg for them to vote for his party candidate David Phiri.

Addressing a rally, September 2, 2013 to drum up support for the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Phiri for the September 5, by-elections, President Sata said he will not force development on the people that do not want it. He said it is easy for his government to develop areas where his party has Members of Parliament.

He said the people of Mukaika has the opportunity to chose development by voting for his party’s candidate or opposition and remain undeveloped.

President Sata however urged the people of Mukaika to vote for Phiri if they want to see their constituency developed. The Head of State instructed Phiri to knee down for about 10 minutes during the rally as a sign of showing respect to the residents.

The Mukaika seat fell vacant after Phiri resigned from MMD to join PF. The by-election is also being contested by MMD, NAREP and UNIP.