I am losing out here, used to make 2 Million pounds – Prof. Chirwa

Prof. Clive Chirwa has disclosed that he was making two million pounds per year before he came to Zambia to take up the position of Chief Executive of Zambia Railways.

And Prof. Chirwa says the much talked about K72 Million for his accommodation bills per month is not much for a Chief Executive Officer of his stature.

Giving his side of the story when he featured on Muvi, a Lusaka based owned private Television station programme called Assignment, Sunday evening, April 21, 2013, Prof. Chirwa countered the allegations made against him by the dissolved Zambia Railways Board.

Prof. Chirwa who is an engineer by professional running business in United Kingdom and United State charged that contrary to what is being portrayed that he is demanding a lot, he is instead loosing much by being in Zambia.

He said he accepted to take-up the position in Zambia just to help the country and not for money as it is now being portrayed. Prof. Chirwa said he was patriotic Zambian who accepted to work under the conditions provided by the government.

Prof. Chirwa said the Zambian government would not manage to pay him hence he had to take up what was offered by government. He explained that he signed for Kr140, 000 monthly salary, holiday in two years plus accommodation.

He said the government initially accommodated him at Fallsway Luxury where he pays monthly rentals amounting to K72million. He said the landlord has since reduced the amount to K38 million which he said was nothing for a Chief Executive Officer of his caliber.

Prof. Chirwa dismissed allegations that he had refused to move to Kabwe saying the house is not yet ready. He explained that he was not the only one staying at Fallsway saying there were Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and other CEO.

The Zambia Railways CEO explained that the dissolved board were not truthful and described them as pathetic for failure to understand Public procurement regulations. He said he was surprised that people wanting to run the Railway transport did not understand the regulations.

He said the Board have been a stumbling block to his running of Zambia Railways saying the problems started after their demand of Kr500, 000 as seating allowances. Prof. Chirwa explained that contrary to what is provided where the board is supposed to have four meetings per year, the dissolved board held 28 meetings in three months.

Prof. Chirwa said he could not accept where the board were demanding for allowances even when they go to meet a Permanent Secretary for about 10 minutes. He said some meetings were not necessary and got concerned that the money being demanded for was too much and unbudgeted.

Worse off, he said most of these meetings had no record for accountability.

The Zambia Railways said though he did not instigate the dissolving of the board not all members were bad but only five.  He has assured Zambians that he is ready to deliver on what he promised upon taking up the job.