I am against 50 + 1 clause in constitution – Kabimba

Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has once again trashed yet another progressive clause in the draft constitution saying he personally believes the 50 plus one clause is not suitable for Zambia.
Kabimba, who was speaking on ZNBC National Watch Programme, also trashed the much vaunted for proportional representation system saying it was not the best suited for Zambia.
The on-going constitution making process that saw about 500 delegates convene at Mulungushi International Conference Centre seems be headed towards a dead end after the recommendations pushed were left at the mercy of government that will dictate the roadmap.
The PF secretary general who has previously spoken against progressive clauses such as the running mate clause for the president to have a vice president who is elected by the people may have given the biggest indication yet as to the direction of the current constitution making process.