I accepted to serve in PF govt because of my people, says UPND MP

UPND Sinjembela constituency Member of Parliament in Western province Poniso Njeulu who has been appointed to serve in Patriotic Front government has said he accepted the job for the people of his area.

Njeulu who is one of the Deputy Ministers in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said the people of Shangombo and Senanga district desperately need development hence his decision to take the job in government.

According to ZANIS Njeulu who is touring his constituency and Senanga district says the time for cheap politicking is over and has since urged opposition MPs in the country to focus their energies on issues that can propel development in their areas.

Njeulu said the people were yearning to see tangible development that can transform their lives. He was speaking on Tuesday when he met PF officials during his familiarization tour of the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) offices.

He said he does not want to engage in cheap politics but to work towards ensuring that development is taken to the people of his area which he said can only be realized if he works with government.

And Mr Njeulu said his ministry is undertaking a lot of measures to ensure Senanga district and other districts in Western Province receive massive media coverage so that activities and projects that government is undertaken in the province are made known to the people.