Hunger looms in Sioma with over 25,000 bags of maize in stock

Government has wondered why people in Sioma district in Western Province were starving when the Food reserve Agency (FRA) had 25,176 X 50 bags of maize stored at Nangweshi shed.

This was discovered by Provincial Minister, Josephine Limata during her three days tour of Sioma and Shangombo districts recently.

Ms Limata was dismayed to find huge stacks of maize amidst alarming levels of hunger in the district.

And in response, Sioma District Commissioner, Mubiana Mutomena, explained that currently a 50Kg bag of white maize was selling at K80 while a 25kg bag of Millie Meal costs K150.00 each, a price he said many people could not afford. / ZANIS