Human particles found in a borehole in Lusaka

The Residents Development Committee (RDC) of Lusaka’s Chazanga compound has found human particles at the Zani Muone water source borehole, reports Zambian Eye roving reporter, Lameck Phiri.

A reliable source from the RDC told Zambian Eye that human particles have been found in the water that comes from the borehole sunk near Chingwere grave yard which supplies water to the Zani Muone tanks which in turn services the Kabangwe and Chazanga areas.

‘‘The water supplied to the tanks at Zani Muone which is distributed to Chazanga and Kabangwe is contaminated with suspected human particles and we will soon stop using it because it is not safe for human consumption,’’ said the reliable source.

In another related development the source disclosed that Chazanga Water Trust has inspected water wells around the area and the results have shown that the water from the wells was not fit for human consumption as most of it contained human waste.

The source disclosed that the committee has found a cooperating partner to extract the human waste so that it can be transformed into gas which will eventually be used for gas stoves in the area.

He said the project was in its advanced stage as machinery has been acquired but the organization is waiting for approval from the Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) so that production can commence.

He said the project will be a good source of income for the people of Chazanga.