How to stop hair from breaking

healthy hairHaving great hair is every little girl’s dream and I mean childhood dream, but as you grow you might want to keep it Natural, do a perm, or braid it once in a while or maybe do a weave (Hair extensions) .
Ladies, no matter how we want to keep our hair, there’s always maintenance, which not all of us comply to, but you don’t have to worry , for every damage caused there is always a solution.
And right here on  this page we have our expert Prisca who is going to give general tips,  step by step tips on how to prevent hair damages or breakages and maintain a healthy life long hair to be admired at every time we are out and about.Hair could be breaking from hot combs, hair extensions , bleaching creams or braiding your hair frequently  and Relaxing.   But again don’t worry  their is a solution to  restore your hair with the best product on the market right now .

Whatever you are doing with your hair to make it break or damage   we have a solution for you here at Zambian Eye Lifestyle and Fashion.

How can I stop my hair from getting damaged or breaking?


 ApHogee, a Protein treatment, is one of the best treatment on the market right now.
Two-step Protein Treatment. Rebuilds and improve hair structure and stops hair breakage  within 6 weeks

 This product, though initially intended for professional use, can now be used at home as it is available at most beauty stores  all over the world.  The product contains magnesium and modified proteins.

As we all know, a deficiency in magnesium can contribute to thinning and hair breakage.
ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment fuses into the hair with the application of heat.

The treatment drastically reduces breakage,
and sometimes stops it completely  if you follow the instructions as directed.
During the treatment process the hair will be hardened, please do not be alarmed it is suppose to be hard, as the repairing process begins.Please keep in mind, that this is a protein treatment not a conditioning treatment.
The treatment can be used once  every 6 weeks and then needs to be repeated. DO NOT  USE less than 4 to 6 weeks.




If you over use the product you  can cause unwanted damage. The treatment can be used on all hair types. Chemically treated hair  (perm and color) can be used in conjunction with this product.
However; it is recommended that you the treat your hair  two weeks  before/after you apply other chemicals to your hair (perm and color) for strength.



The product is now used in multi-cultural salons because of the amazing results. It works well on Asian hair, Caucasian hair, and natural coarse African hair.
stepstofollowthrough.jpgThis product can be used  on fine, weak, heat and chemically damaged hair, it is also known to make perms and color lasts longer if used as directed.

The product does not have a pleasant smell, it smells like rotten eggs but works wonders.


1) Shampoo your hair with Aphogee’s Shampoo for damaged hair.
(you can use whatever shampoo you have at home)

2) Towel dry that hair. (hair needs to be damp)
3) Part your hair in four sections. (it is easier to work with and product can be saturated evenly.

4) Shake the product well, squirt into your hands and apply in your hair, make sure it is saturated in your hair.

5) Once you have applied the treatment, you can use a WIDE TOOTH COMB QUICKLY to insure the product is evenly distributed and you have complete coverage.

6) Sit underneath a hooded dryer or a blow dryer with a nasal or a funnel attachment.
You should feel the hair hardened.

7) Once the hair is completely dry, wet the hair with warm water, you feel the hair start to soften.
Rinse all the access protein.

8) Apply Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer with a teaspoon of OLIVE OIL, leave it in your hair for
at least 5 minutes.

9) Rinse with warm water.

10) Moisturize your hair and style as usual.

11) It is important to keep your hair moisturized to strengthen the treatment.

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Prisca Vandervestas is Hair Fashion Designer