How to Revive a Relationship

Let’s start with a cliche: different people have different relationships. What’s interesting is that no matter how diverse the details are, some of the general patterns on which relationships run are fairly the same.

We fall in love for various reasons. And we often get cold to each other over time. Especially if you and your other half spent years together and know all the ins and outs and personalities of each other. All the gestures and reactions, mood swings and weird habits. It gets, you know, predictable. And we secretly want something “new” to experience.

The saying “You can’t teach an old dog a new trick” is not true if we try to apply it here. Many people who are in a relationship for a long time mistakingly think that “feelings are gone”. It’s not that easy, you see? The reason people think that “feelings are gone” is due to “the crisis of sensibility”. Every relationship lucky to survive long enough is familiar with that.

And here you can find some ways to revive your relationship and overcome the crisis as easy as possible.

How to Revive a Relationship

1. Creating Pleasant Moments

Someone once said, that there will be a time when we all will be gone. People will remember us by the things we did and how we made them feel. So it is a good reason to stay on track. If we will be gone tomorrow, how will people remember us the day after tomorrow? Would it be a pleasant memory?

Creating pleasant memories together is an art. I seriously consider that an art. Oscar Wilde once said, that “all art is quite useless”, but in this case, the art of making pleasant moments is a true marvel we all should consider.

Ironically, the least of our love and affection goes to those we truly love. How many times do you stay late at work? How many times do you choose to spend time with your friends instead of spending a romantic evening with your other half?

How many times have you played video games leaving this reality behind instead of giving your love and attention to your loved one? And how fast are we to nag about everything starting with a mess all over the place and finishing with silly nitpicking about who said and did (or didn’t do) what. Sounds familiar?

Where did all the romance, tenderness and affection go, you ask?
What happens when we don’t really express our feelings towards each other? Eventually they grow colder. But when we do, the winter never comes to your relationship.

Show your love. Find something to do together. Anything will do as long as you are both into it. Create pleasant memories together.

2. Leave Your Work Problems Behind

It is great to share little bits of everything with your loved one. But if you are experiencing some problems at work, it is a good call to leave them all behind the front door of your home. Make a positive habit of cutting down your stress levels.

Home should be your safe haven where you can always return and unwind. When you cross the doorstep of your house, all problems are left behind. That’s all. You will deal with them later in the morning when you get back to work.

3. My Space

It is vital to have that special window in your schedule where you can do something you like. Running, yoga, sailing etc.
What’s important to remember is to be reasonable with this rule… There are plenty of examples when people did what they wanted, often just procrastinating and ruining their relationships at the same time. It happens when we overdo.

Naturally and oddly enough, sometimes the best way to get closer is to spent some time apart. I’m not talking about grabbing a holiday apart from each other. It is ok to have different activities and sets of interests and give each other time to enjoy them.

It is vital to stay on track with your personal development and learn something new every day. This way you will never get bored with each other. You would always have something new to discuss and exchange opinions.

We have to release the illusion that the wavy ocean will ever hold still. Just like a relationship will never be without bumps on the road. We should learn how to navigate no matter the weather.

4. Avoid Acting Strictly By the Script

If you like one dish and have a tendency to eat it every day, trust me, there will be a moment when you will get sick of it.
Same thing is true in relationships. Have you ever acted strictly by the script that stuck to you like that song you heard in the morning that wouldn’t let go for the rest of the day? Boredom and predictability are among the main reasons relationship gets colder and stall.
Diversity is one of the key to keep relationship passionate and running.

5. Stir Things Up!

Why flirting with your colleagues or your secretaries when you can put that energy into keeping your relationship at home warmed up?

We know well that most of the time people flirt with strangers in order to boost their self-esteem, to feel valid and simply needed. But when you get that little boost, it fades away very quickly once you realise that the reason for needing a self-esteem boost is not coming from such a distant place.

When you get the same boost from your loved one, it lasts much longer and you will never need another validation from anyone again. So how would you get that?

Focus on your relationship and stir things up! Flirt, play and use your imagination with your other half. You will never have any problems with your self-esteem once you feel loved and loveable again.

Flirt with your loved ones. It stirs feelings and awakens desires.
Smile and flirt and be generous when you give your compliments.

Passion can get colder under the sheer weight of domestic problems, but it still there. After all, you did look passionately at your loved one for a long time. And it’s really up to you to awaken that passion and revive your relationship by giving it a brand new start.

Source: Lesya.