How Not To Get Pranked On April Fools’ Day

Happy_April_Fools_Day_By Yukti Tuli
From children to adults, every individual across the globe celebrates April Fools’ Day with vigor and enthusiasm. April Fools’ Day, which is celebrated on April 1 every year, is a day when people play jokes and pranks on each other. If you are a prankster who is famous for playing wayward pranks, this day is for you.

But, yes there are people too who don’t like jokes. They feel offended if they get pranked. For all such people, here are a few tips on how not to get pranked on April Fools’ Day.

Be Prepared – Unlike normal days, don’t forget what day it is. Set a reminder in your cell phone for April Fools’ Day so that you know why your friends are being so nice and concerned about you.
You can be Aloof – Nobody wants to be alone but there is no harm in staying standoffish for a day. The less you talk to people; fewer are the chances that you will get pranked. Though staying aloof is not a full proof idea but it certainly decreases of chances of becoming a victim to the pranksters.

Don’t Believe on Hearsay – Are you someone who is highly gullible? Does winning your trust is easy? If yes, maybe you are going to become the target of pranksters on April Fools’ Day. Now, just for this one day don’t believe everything. Try to analyze and evaluate and then only believe on others.

Doubly Check – In continuation to the previous point; if you hear something, doubly check it in order to be sure. After all, it is a good habit to confirm things before you start to believe it.

Put Your Face-Reading Skills to Work – To read the expressions and facial gestures of people around you, you don’t require any special talent. Just be a little observant and you will get to know if the other person is serious or just trying to pull a prank on you.

Try to Sense Plans – At the beginning of the article, you were told to stay aloof on the April Fools’ Day. But, before that you can get involved in the discussions and try to figure out if your friends are planning something special for the Fools’ Day.

Keep a Watch on Your Mischievous Friends – As a matter of fact, everyone has a set of good friends and bad (mischievous) friends. Now, all you need to do is a keep a watch on the latter set of friends as they are more likely to pull a prank on the April Fools’ Day.

Don’t Play Pranks if you Don’t Want to be Pranked – If you cannot accept the thought of being fooled by your friends or family, don’t play a prank either.

Don’t React – If at all you fall prey to the prank pulled by your friends, just don’t react. Act like nothing has happened and walk away like a winner.

Be a Good Sport – Alright. So your friends were successful in their plan. Their prank got successful. Don’t worry and take it in a good spirit. Jokes and pranks bring smile if they are harmless.

April Fools’ Day is a day when you can forget stress and enjoy a few moments of laughter with friends and family. Still if you are not someone who likes being pranked even on April Fools’ Day, just keep the above tips in consideration.