Hone Union distance students from property damage, withdraws earlier support on Subsidy removal

Evelyn Hone Collage Students Union (EHCOSU) has distanced students involvement in the destroying of property and damage of school infrastructure during Thursday’s riots at the institution.

And University of Zambia Students Union (UNZASU) and the Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) have rallied behind Evelyn Hone Students and has called on government not to expel the affected students. EHCOSU President Inambao Sitwala said a named group of people were responsible for breaking of property as they took advantage of the situation.

He said the students were peaceful but the people who joined in started destroying the property including traffic lights.

The EHCOSU President has therefore charged that it is unfair for government to accuse the students of destroying the property which is calculated at K540,000.Inambao has also accused government of failing to heed to advice in resolving the problems at the Institution. He said the students were for a long time been calling for dialogue over the issues but government never wanted to listen.

He bemoaned that  government is becoming reactive as opposed to being proactive in addressing student’s concerns. Inambao whose Union backed government over the removal of subsidy has also back tracked and said it is a bad move. He said the Union supported the move thinking it would have benefit them adding that they have now realised that it is a bad move.

And ZANASU Secretary General Steven Kyengula said the Union will give support to the Hone students as they try to solve the problem with government.
Kyengula who is also UNZASU President said closing or expeling the students will not help solve the problem the college is facing.