Hold on to God, Priest advises late Mrs Lewanika’s children

One of the daughters break down as she is being assisted to pay  her last respect

One of the daughters break down as she is being assisted to pay her last respect

bodyAnglican Priest has advised the children of the late Elizaberth Katebe Lewanika to hold on to God as he will be there with them through their trying moment.

Speaking during a funeral Church Service at Batoka Hospital Chapel shelter on July 14, 2013 Fr. Emmanuel Chikoya noted that death has continued to remain a mystery and the biggest challenge in Life. He said there was need for everyone to prepare as death does not give an appointment.



During the service

Fr. Chikoya during the service

“Death is one of the biggest challenge in life, you always wish you had done something to the one who has died if you knew,” he said. “To the children I know its painful but please hold on to Christ. He (God) will be there for you all the time.”

The Priest also advised the children and family to remain united during the funeral.

He told the mourners to realize that earth was not their destination. He said there was life beyond the grave adding that all that everyone needs to do is prepare before death visits.

“Let us enjoy our vehicles, our money and bear in mind that we are not here (on earth) to stay,” said the Priest.

Mrs Lewanika leaves behind nine children who includes Zambian Eye US based staffer Richard Masheke Lewanika. She was buried at Nakatindi cemetery.

Women from Eastern province splash some powerder on the grave

Women from Eastern province splash some powder on the grave

Meanwhile the Easterners took advantage of the funeral to ‘get’ at their traditional cousins the Bembas by mocking and splashing powder on their faces. They even splashed powder on the grave of the deceased who hails from Luapula and is considered as their cousin.