Hike in fuel result into more money in Ministers’ pockets – NAREP

NAREP condemns the unjustified increase in the take home benefits of senior government officials. This is the result of the fuel subsidy reduction and subsequent increase in the pump price of fuel.

Every Deputy Minister is entitled to receive the cash equivalent of at least 800 litres of fuel per month. What this means is that now the fuel price has increased, each Deputy Minister and Cabinet Minister will receive more money in their pockets while the people of Zambia continue to struggle with the rising prices of goods.

The entitlement to 800 litres of fuel means that with the additional amount that needs to be paid as a result of the fuel increase, each Deputy Minister has now had a salary increment of about KR 1, 440 or K1,440,000 in the old currency.

Meanwhile, bus operators are being asked to be patient and not increase fares, while students at the University of Zambia are being asked to pay more for the bursary application form at short notice.

An on the spot check has indicated an alarming increase in the price of commodities and this is as a direct result of the recent removal of the fuel subsidy. These increases could have been better managed had the Patriotic Front administration adopted a more inclusive approach towards decision making.

To avoid causing further misery to an already battered citizenry, we urge the PF administration to engage in broader consultation with stakeholders before making decisions of this nature. Is this really the time to be triggering more unnecessary by-elections?

Does Government really need to have more than one deputy minister per ministry and even 3 deputy ministers in four different ministries?

The removal of fuel subsidy should have been staggered and measures put in place to cushion the impact on the most vulnerable Zambians, many of whom are wallowing in poverty and lack decent employment.

Press Release by NAREP