High Court Dismiss PF Over Zambezi East

The Lusaka High Court has dismissed yet another attempt by losing Patriotic Front Zambezi West aspirant Christabel Ng’imbu who has relentlessly tried to stop her rival Charles Kakoma in the September 11 by-election.

Ng’imbu, who failed to stop the nomination for the Zambezi West poll from taking place, had gone to court to ask the court to stop Kakoma from re-contesting the seat he won in 2011.

The PF candidate who has successfully filed for the contest has preoccupied herself with trying to strike off Kakoma off the ballot but the court has thrown out her demand.

High Court judge Judy Mulongoti ruled that Ng’imbu had failed to prove how she would suffer irreparable damage if the election goes on as scheduled.

Judge Mulongoti said the process for printing ballot papers for the September 11 poll was already in motion and stopping it would be a waste of resources.

The court reserved the right for Ng’imbu to appeal to the Supreme Court although the poll is 21 days away.

Kakoma is one of those former opposition lawmakers that the PF has fought hard to eliminate from parliament.

Others that are on the receiving end of a vicious campaign are Dora Siliya for Petauke Central and Maxwell Mwale for Malambo.

Source : Zambia Reports

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