HH should take the banks to task not PF govt says Scott

Guy Scott

Guy Scott

Vice-president Guy Scott says Hakainde Hichilema, the leader of opposition UPND should take up the matter with his banks for releasing his personal confidential statements to third parties.

Speaking in Parliament on Friday during the during the Vice-president’s question and answer session, Scott said it was up to the individual in this case Hichilema aggrieved to take the matter up with his banks for releasing confidential information.

A point of order was raised as the MPs are concerned with the development and wanted to know whether it was now the PF policy to collect people’s private confidential bank statements without seeking a court order or police warrant.

This week President Sata disclosed the bank details and properties belonging to Hichilema and handed the same document to members of the press. President Sata also announced this he will submit the document to the Commonwealth who have been invited to Zambia by the opposition leaders to investigate human rights abuse by the current regime.