HH should control his appetite for Women – Chanda

By Correspondent

Chirundu MMD District Secretary Gift Chanda has charged that, the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema should learn to control his appetite for women.

Commenting on today’s post edition where HH was telling the people of Mansa that, if he was single he would have married from there, Chanda who is also the former area Councillor for Chirundu said the UPND leader should learn to respect his wife, Mutinta and stop admiring other women during  campaigns.

“When we had a by-election in Solwezi East, Instead of telling the people of Solwezi what UPND candidate will do for the people of that area if given an opportunity, the man was admiring women and when we had a by-election in Faira the man was busy admiring women and now is in Mansa,” Chanda said. “Instead of delivering the developmental campaign message the man is busy admiring women.”
And Chanda said it is hypocritical for HH to say Southerners supported Second president Frederick Chiluba for ten years when it is a well known fact that, the reason why UPND was formed was to challenge the northerners  whom they perceived  to be the only dominance in the running of the affairs of this country.