HH should apologise for changing goalposts on Rupiah – Fr Mpasa

CATHOLIC Church Vicar General for Mansa, Fr Mambwe Mpasa has asked UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to apologise to Zambians for ‘changing goalposts’ on allegations of corruption that he levelled against then President Rupiah Banda whom he is now supporting.

Fr Mpasa wondered why Hichilema had decided to condemn Parliament and the government over the removal of Banda’s immunity.

“What has changed now? As a follower of Hichilema, I saluted him when he came out in the open and condemned the corruption in the MMD government. Today he is changing goalposts and painting those accused of practicing corruption as saints. What kind of leader is he? Let him come back to us and withdraw his earlier stance on the MMD’s corruption. Let him tell us he lied when he called Banda corrupt,” he said.

Fr Mpasa said he failed to understand Hichilema when he claimed his party was a staunch supporter of the crusade against corruption when he and the UPND had condemned Banda’s prosecution.