HH says: PF govt is a failed project, Yabufi, Boza, Wenye, Kubeja

HH flanked by Senior UPND leaders at a briefing in Lusaka

HH flanked by Senior UPND leaders at a briefing in Lusaka

The underlining message is that the PF government is a failed project. Every good leader leads for the good of his or her people that he or she leads. The happenings in our country leave one to wonder whose interests our leaders in government are representing.

The removal of meal mill, fuel and agriculture subsidies is a wrong decision. The increase electricity tariff is also a wrong decision. You may want to know why this is so and why this government is doing this. It is all because of BOZA BUFI WENYE KUBEJA BUHATA? This government is a government full of deceptions. The true reasons for their actions is;

The first reason is to fund the by-elections. The second is to support the bloated government. 3 deputy ministers per Ministry. To finance the Chikopa tribunal.
PF went into government without a plan. The young man Chanda Chimba told you and today he is a prophet. There is no country in this world without subsidies. Even rich countries have subsidies. Obama health care is all about subsidies.

They want to introduce coupons according to Miles Sampa. When Sampa was asked this morning on radio UNZA he said they will introduce coupons for those that will not afford the high cost of living. Let me tell Sampa to tell his uncle that the cost of running coupons is very expensive than subsidies. The management costs of coupons are so high and the system promote corruption. This country saw it under Kaunda and we saw it that it can’t work. The subsidies are a working solution that is why there is no caring government on this planet that can do without subsidies.
The impact of these measures means the increase of fuel price which will affect prices of all things including transport. Please PF come to my team you will be given advise on how to run and grow the Zambian economy. I know though that even if I asked you to see us for advise you will not come.

We demand that electricity tariffs must not be increased. We ask the President to heed to our demands.

Cut your cabinet before you think of removing subsidies. We as a nation we demand that you restore the maize subsidies and the fuel subsidies. You should also restore Mr President the fertilizer subsidy. Discontinue the Chikopa tribunal forthwith.
What the students did yesterday was exercising their democratic right, the right of demonstrating. If the whole lot of the president issues a directive to have the students arrested and expelled and beaten teargassed for sure where will they run to. Mr Sata please sir let me put it strait to you that you are a Dictator and there is no room for dictators in this democratic nation

I am calling you to release all the students now who you commanded to have them arrested for exercising their democratic rights. I know you have been wanting to arrest me and I am telling you to go ahead I am not afraid. If Mr Sata doesn’t release the students I am asking all the lawyers to come together to defend the students. All of you Lawyers get prepared and offer legal aid to these students. / UPND Facebook Page