HH responds to Sata’s ‘comical’ letter

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has responded to President Michael Sata’s letter where he asked him who elected him as President of UPND before he would tell him the appointment of Lombe Chibesakunda as Acting Chief Justice.

Hichilema said in his letter addressed to President Sata and obtained by the Zambian Eye that he was elected on July 14, 2006 at the party’s second General Assembly which had about 777 delegates from the Ward, Constituency and National officials including Members of Parliament.

The UPND leader continued in the  letter that he was also given another mandate by the party Supreme organ, the National Management Committee in 2009  as the party seeks to start holding election in the mid term of the country’s electoral calendar as opposed to the same year of election.

Hichilema explained that he was however disappointed with the response from the President which  was more of attacks than response from a person holding public office.

The UPND leader said the President avoided substance from the letter and instead opted to trivialise the issue. He reminded Sata that he is in public office and should always endeavour to attend to people’s concerns whether they were elected or not.

He adds that this could be the reason he has failed to address the nation in the 22 months he has been in State House.The UPND letter further explained that he is also wondering how he (Sata) claims to have been elected as PF  President when no single vote was cast for him during the party convention in 2011. He has now demanded for proper response on the appointment of the Acting Chief Justice.

Hichilema asked the President Sata to provide non comical response to the issues raised in his last letter