HH promises Students: I won’t be detracted by propaganda messages against me and UPND

Hakainde Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says he will not be detracted by those bent on distorting his messages to suit their personal agendas in order to keep misleading Zambians about his character.

Speaking when he addressed students from various learning institutions in Lusaka last night, Mr. Hichilema maintained that integrity in politics was paramount, but was aware of certain media houses that were thriving on misleading Zambian by trying to always paint a wrong picture about him.

He told the students that Zambians had remained united regardless of race, religion or tribe and that anyone who wanted to dwell on distortions, malicious falsehoods, and propaganda against him and the UPND would not succeed.

“We are resolved as Zambians to have a new constitution whether PF and certain media houses wants to divert our attention from real issues by concentrating on petty and hate propaganda campaigns that divide our nation,” he said.

He told the students that he was happy the UPND message of liberating Zambians from the political and economic mess brought by the PF regime has been widely received across the country.

“We are not resting until the UPND gives Zambians a second liberation. The road will be bump and rough as some of our competitors have now changed course from dwelling on real issues to distorting and peddling propaganda messages against UPND and myself. But we should remain focused by not paying attention to them. Our attention should be in addressing the needs of the majority Zambians not a few corrupt elements that always survive on lies and deception,” he said.

He reminded the students that it was actually the same media houses that carried PF lies towards the 2011 elections that still want to continue misleading Zambians on UPND and the actual poverty and suffering of the Zambian people.

“I am sure you all know which media houses the PF and president Michael Sata used to cheat you about 90 days promises on the Zambian constitution, Barotse Agreement, more money in people’s pockets, free education, affordable health care and many other promises. Now we have a record high mealie meal prices, record falling Kwacha exchange rates, records high fuel prices, transport costs, and many other commodities yet those who are eating with Mr. Sata are not feeling the pains of all these difficulties, but want to dwell on maligning UPND and Hakainde by malicious propagating hate messages,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said despite all these difficulties, Zambians were now faced with a government that can so easily dismiss essential workers such as nurses, and impose a wage and employment freeze for two years yet some people were still blind to reality on ground.

He advised students against vandalism of learning institutions and encouraged them to work extra hard in their studies as they were highly privileged to have reached their levels.

“As you have seen from the recently released results, many of our young people may not reach this far because of the falling standards of education in the country as the PF government would rather pump more money in maintaining and paying large cabinet and building Mr. Sata’s retirement house than improving the education sector in the country. For us in the UPND, education, healthy, and farming are among our top priorities that will be anchored on good governance, accountability and respect for human rights,” he said.

He told the students to be serious with life by not ending up like some jokers in leadership who can say one thing today and later turn around without shame and claim they were just joking for votes when they made particular pronouncements to the suffering masses.

He also requested the students to go flat out and be good ambassadors of spreading UPND message of hope because the young people will soon be the ones to particularly shoulder the ever increasing heavy debt burden that the PF government was contracting on a daily basis as they had no idea of generating revenue locally.