HH plays ‘Bufi’ says Sata and PF group of failures

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has praised outspoken catholic priest Fr. Frank Bwalya for coming out in the open to criticise the PF party he supported because the PF government was a failed project that was put by majority Zambians based on cheating and deception.
And some min-bus drivers on the Copperbelt have invited Mr. Hichilema to travel to the Copperbelt to meet them because Mr. Sata Sata cheated them a lot.
During the live Radio Phoenix ‘let the people talk’ programme this morning, Mr. Hichilema, who started and ended the programme with the hit song ‘Bufi’ and praised singers Pertersen and his friend Pilato, wondered why the PF leadership had no shame by continuing to tell the people of Zambia lies on many issues such as increase on fuel, mealie-meal, electricity and other commodities.
“This is the problem when you are fond of lies, deception and hatred. You increase the fuel prices with a view to fix Mr. Hichilema and Dr.