HH must position himself now

Hakainde Hichilema

Hakainde Hichilema

By Martin Matabishi

Does Hakainde Hichilema (HH) realise the privileged position he is in?

He’s arguably the leader of not just the opposition but he should see himself as an alternative President….and hold on to the (Elias) Chipimo supporters this is not supposed to be a tick off or underestimating your President but I have an issue to address on our now the longest experienced opposition leader.

HH should prove to Zambia that we have a leader by not waiting for Plot One but acting like one now. There’s need to start positioning himself strategically. This should show even the issues he handles and talk about. We should start seeing that certain operational matters are handled by lesser people in his ranks.

His voice should be reserved for golden moments such that when he speaks you can hear a different code from the common ones and the issues from his mouth to have weight. There are things that should start changing now and not later.

1. He should stop throwing tantrums and speak with reasoning and authority.

2. He needs to start showing that he has capacity to handle Zambian issues at home by Zambians. This issue of being tempted to write to International Bodies like Commonwealth to report Zambia does not show augur or ported the case in point. Today both the ruling and the opposition in Kenya for instance regret that they reported themselves to ICC. Domestic politics should remain just that – domestic.

Look at Morgan Tswangarai of Zimbabwe, that attitude now portray him as a coward. The point here is that if those International Bodies sanctioned Zambia, it’s the Zambian people and not some crooked politician who will suffer.

My plea WE NEED THE ZAMBIAN OPPOSITION TO BE MORE CONVINCING AND STATELY THAN WE HAVE SEEN. WE NEED ASSURANCE. WE NEED TO BE CONVINCED AND FEEL THAT WE ARE SAFER AS “ZAMBIANS” IN THEIR HANDS (IT’S NOT UPND AND Narep that will vote). It’s the Zambian people. To all opposition…this is no an attack so hold your guns. This is a sober advice from a non Party card carrying or ascribing citizen.