HH has weakened MMD further – Pule

PASTOR Dan Pule says Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND have further weakened MMD by poaching its senior members.

And Pastor Pule says he will prayerfully consider an opportunity to serve in the government if called upon by President Michael Sata.

Addressing the press yesterday, Pastor Pule, a former deputy finance minister in the MMD government, said UPND’s continued poaching of MMD senior leaders had the potential to ignite fights between the two opposition parties that had been in a loose alliance.

“Our concern is that if they begin to poach leaders from one opposition party to the other, they will begin to fight one another, instead of constructively fighting the ruling party so that they can be a real alternative to the ruling party in forming the next government,” he said. “Obviously, if it is in the light of an alliance it will weaken that alliance. If they can poach members from one opposition party to another”however, we are emphasising unity among opposition parties.