HH frustrated – Kapeya

INFORMATION deputy minister Mwansa Kapeya says UPND president Hakainde Hichilema is frustrated with his shrinking political fortunes hence his baseless outbursts against the government.

Kapeya was commenting on Hichilema’s statement during an interview with BBC Newsday radio programme that the political situation in the country was deteriorating due to poor governance by the PF administration.

Hichilema also claimed that UPND was a staunch supporter of the fight against corruption but was not happy with the vengeful manner in which the PF government was handling the crusade.

He said Zambia would soon degenerate into a failed state.

But Kapeya said the government knew that Hichilema was particularly bitter with the humiliating defeat his party suffered in the recently held parliamentary by-elections in Livingstone and Mpongwe at the hands of the ruling Patriotic Front.