HH accuses PF of intimidation

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has accused the PF of practicing politics of intimidation.

Speaking during a rally in Kapiri Mposhi’s Chipepo area in Luanchele ward to drum up support for the UPND candidate in the April 23 parliamentary by-election Lawrence Zimba, Hichilema said that the PF had been intimidating opposition parties by inciting the Zambia Police to frame charges against them with a view to silencing them.

“In Livingstone, they threw me in stinking police cells on flimsy charges. The PF government has been inciting the Zambia Police to frame charges against me, telling them to throw me in cells so that opposition political leaders can be silenced,” Hichilema said. “They are preaching and practicing politics of intimidation. We are not going to allow this in a democracy like Zambia.”

And Hichilema said that he would keep on talking about national issues until the Zambians were liberated.