Health workers not happy with new salaries

Health Workers Union of Zambia Secretary General Lewis Mukosha has said  that most health workers, especially nurses in the country have not happy with the much talked about salary increaments.
Mukosha says especially nurses have not felt any difference  after the PF government implemented Civil servants salary increments last month (September 2013).
He said the salary increments were nothing adding that most nurses feel cheated and demotivated. He said there were also huge differences in nurses’ salaries.
And some nurses  complained to Zambia Eye that they felt cheated by the PF government that they had their salaries increased while they were getting peanuts.
“I do not feel any good, nothing had changed, although PF government had announced that they had increased our salaries,” said one o f the nurses who declined to be named.
Last month the PF government announced the up ward adjustment of civil servant’s salaries.