Health Insights: The toxicity of Soft Drinks


Asunta Simoloka

Asunta Simoloka

By Asunta SimolokaSoft drinks, defined as carbonated, non alcoholic beverages, are typical in modern diets.  Some experts have dubbed added sugar in soft drinks as an ‘invisible killer.’

Added sugar is extracted sugar, like table sugar, added to food, it should not be confused with healthy sugar that naturally exists in food, fruit, for instance, comes with its own naturally occurring sugar.


Added sugar in soft drinks forms huge fat deposits in the liver, causing non alcoholic fatty liver disease, a condition that could result in liver failure, possibly requiring liver transplant.

Additionally, fatty liver disease is a major contributor to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  What’s more, added sugar is converted into belly fat, covering vital organs including the heart and creating even more diseases.


The ability of insulin to control blood glucose is deeply impaired by added sugar in soft drinks, leading to high blood sugar and excess insulin, setting the stage for Diabetes to develop.


The detrimental effects of added sugar and other bad ingredients have prompted calls to have soft drinks and processed red meats carry warning labels alerting consumers to potential health hazards, just like cigarettes do.   This is hilarious, in a book ‘skinny bitch’ sugar is referred to as ‘the devil’ and soft drinks ‘liquid Satan’ to emphasize how gravely harmful added sugar is.


dietdrinkDidietcokeet soft drinks, which replace added sugar with artificial sweeteners, are not any better.

Aspartame, an artificial sweetener, and caramel, an artificial colorant, are high in advanced glycation end products, harmful compounds that also cause fatty liver, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, heart problems, and inflammation.

Additionally, advanced glycation end products in diet soft drinks set off many diabetes complications and damage tissue in blood vessels and kidneys.


Making the nutritional value even worse, soft drinks lower calcium levels resulting in a weak skeleton and contain caffeine, an agent for dehydration.  greentea

Furthermore, soft drinks deplete potassium, imperative for maintaining normal heart beat and blood pressure.  Potassium deficiency leads to irregular heart beat and hypertension.


Water, green tea, rooibos tea, and a variety of herbal teas are healthier, avoid green tea made for slimming, it has harmful laxatives.

Weight management tip

Eat about six mini meals throughout the day spaced two to three hours apart