Hatred blinding opposition leaders -Fr Mpasa

FATHER Mambwe Mpasa says hatred against those in leadership by the opposition is making them oppose even good things.

And Fr Mpasa says President Michael Sata has shown true statesmanship by lobbying for Felix Mutati’s election as UNCTAD secretary general.

Fr Mpasa, who is Catholic Church Vicar General for Mansa Diocese, observed that too much hatred against

President Sata and those in government had blinded some opposition leaders from seeing even the good things that the government was doing.

“Hatred is not good because if you go on harbouring hatred, it will blind you from seeing the good in others. So for those harbouring hatred, let them come out of it. Let’s show love even towards government.

Where there are mistakes, let us correct them with love,” Fr Mpasa said.

He called on the opposition to correct the government out of love and praise where things were good.