Hard times: Price hikes and queues, Solwezi runs out of fuel

Solwezi, the provincial capital of North Western province has run out of fuel. A check by Zambian Eye Tuesday evening found long queues at Puma , the only service station near Shoprite that had the commodity.

Motorists complained that even after increasing the prices for fuel, they have to be subjected to long queues to access the commodity, a situation they described as the beginning of problems in Zambia.

“They increased the prices but still we have to line up to buy this expensive fuel, what is going in this country kanshi?” Joseph Kamba, a motorist complained. “Now we have just head that they have also removed the subsidy on maize meaning the price for mealie meal will go up. This is the starting of problems.”

Another motorists wondered why there were still shortages when the pump price for fuel had been gone up. Jerry Mwenko said there is need for the PF government to pay extra attention to such problems as they are bound to affect the economy. He said Zambia was now going back to the time of First President Kenneth Kaunda where people had to queue for anything including buying soap.