Happy 49th Birthday Zambia

KK Independence

By Lee Elias Tembo in Czech Republic

The day was Saturday, month, October and the year 1964.The sky and the earth were of the same hue and the summer shinning sun was brighter as a new penny.

Its rays spiced up the jubilation, anxiety and expectations that had engulfed the people as news spread like wild fire that the political, economical and social independence from the British government was around the corner.

Indeed freedom was in the air! Traditional dances accompanied by clapping and stamping of the feet energized the mood.

A tall, handsome, charismatic and elegantly dressed young David Kenneth Kaunda stepped to the podium amidst cheers and standing ovation from the joyous crowd that had gathered to witness the birth of a new Zambia.

Only aged 40, the young Kaunda stood akimbo and for a moment, the tears of joy trickled down out of the corner of his left eye as his face wore a look of pure contentment.

In no time, he took oath and instruments of authority and independence from the queen’s representative, the princess royal.

As soon as he eloquently started to read his inaugural speech, thousands of the people shouted “Kwacha” meaning the dawn: as they tearfully watched the magnificent Red, Black, Green and Orange Zambian Republic’s flag ascending to replace the British Union Jack and mark the official birth of a new country called Zambia.

Yes, a Zambia whose abundant natural resources promised a better life of bread and butter for every citizen. But alas and alack!

It was one such unforgettable and joyous event that will go down in the history of our country.

Happy 49th birthday mother Zambia!