Haleisa Haleisa…It is time for HH, declares Banda

Haleisa HaleisaIt is Hakainde Hichilema’s time to ascend to the Presidency of Zambia, said UPND Vice president for Politics Canisius Banda.

And Hichilema has said his party shall run government by focusing on management of the economy to creating jobs for the majority unemployed Zambians.

Speaking in Mandevu at a rally addressed by Hichilema, Banda said all the signs are there indicating that the UPND leader is the next president of Zambia. He observed that Hichilema was being harassed, persecuted and despised just like what the former presidents went through before becoming Republican Presidents.

Dr. Banda urged Hichilema popularly known as HH to be strong saying what he was going through will come to pass. He asked the over 30 UPND Members of Parliament to standby their leader as the battled to liberate the country intensifies.

“Be strong Mr. President, It happened to (Frederick) Chiluba, Kaunda used to despise him, It happened to (Levy) Mwanawasa and it happened to the person you know (Michael Sata). Mwanawasa said he would not allow him to rule. This is your time! HH, you are next!” Banda said as a huge crowd applauded him with a UPND coined slogan Haleisa Haleisa meaning HH is coming.

The UPND Vice president charged that President Michael Sata and Patriotic Front have failed to run the country. Banda who holds a doctorate in medicine and once served as Ministry of Health Spokesperson cited the shortage of Aids drugs recently in the country as one of the failures of the PF government.

Dr. Banda said the high cost of living has resulted into high number of malnutrition cases a situation he described as unfortunate. He told thousands of people that gathered at the rally never again to make a mistake they made in 2011 by voting into government the PF.

And HH told the rally which was also broadcast live on 16 Radio stations including an International Online Radio based in United Kingdom that the PF had failed to governor the country. He said the PF went into government through lies and now the people have seen that they made a mistake.

“I thank God for allowing PF to form government so that people can know the quality of leaders they had voted into government,” said HH.

HH said the PF lied that they were going to create more jobs and put more money in people’s pockets. He said there were no jobs created, no money in people’s pockets instead the cost of living has become high than during the time of MMD.

The UPND cited the increase in mealie meal and fuel which went up after removing of subsidies by the PF government. He said the removal of subsidies had brought more suffering to the poor people contrary to lies by PF that it is targeted at the rich.

HH announced that once UPND forms government he will re-introduce subsidies. He said there was no country in the World which run without subsidy.

“When our time comes we shall reinstate subsidies,” said HH amid appraisals from the crowd while shouting Haleisa Haleisa.

The UPND leader promised that his government shall make the work of private transport operators effective and easy by stopping the unnecessary harassments of law enforcement Agencies.

HH said his government has education as one of its first priority and will ensure that all children access education unlike the situation now. He said currently Schools are unavoidable and in many places children have to walk long distances to access education.

“Many children are out of School, Parents can’t avoid fees. For us Education is the best inheritance, its best equalizer we shall provide education to all children,” he said.

He said Zambia needs a decent leadership to steer the country to economic prosperity and not just talking. He observed that the PF has been a total failure saying even the Ten Commandments, President Sata had promised to use to governor the country is a joke.

“Where is the Ten Commandments? They are stealing,” charged HH adding that their Vice President Guy Scott and Minister Wynter Kabimba has confirmed of corruption in the PF government.

HH called on the Anti-Corruption Commission to ensure that the corrupt government officials are investigated and brought to book. He said the money that is being stolen and misused could go to buying drugs for the Hospitals and help uplift the lives of the people.

The UPND urged the PF leaders to concentrate on delivering on its promises rather than focusing on persecuting those perceived to be there enemies. He said PF needs to leave former president Rupiah Banda to enjoy in his retirement.

“Leave RB alone, leave the old man to rest,” HH said.

The UPND said when it assumes power it will not bother itself to pursuing Sata as it will concentrate on running the country effective to uplift lives of the majority people who wallowing in poverty.

“A message to Sata although you are brutalizing RB, you are brutalizing us, arresting us we will not arrest you. We will have no time to go after the old man. We shall be busy working,” said HH.

HH also called on the PF government to release all the Barotse Activists that have been arrested and charged with treason. He said the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 was a legal document which needs to be discussed.

The UPND leader said Sata who condemned the MMD for arresting Barotse Activists has himself arrested more members Linyungadambo (Barotse Activist Group) than the MMD. About 71 Barotse Activists are detained undergoing trial on treason charges which carry death sentence if convicted.

HH also appealed to all UPND members and supporters to go for a mass recruitment. He said the UPND is a party for all Zambians saying everyone including members of MMD needs to join UPND which is the next government.

He said he prays to God that he could Zambians to choose good leaders that shall governor the country.

“I always pray to God to give me wisdom to governor effectively,” said HH.

Speaking earlier Copperbelt province Chairman Elisha Matambo told the people that the people of his province that voted for PF have now reverted to UPND. He said Copperbelt has shown the way by giving UPND the first ever Member of Parliament in Kafulafuta.

Matambo urged the people to follow suit and usher a new breed of UPND leadership to steer the country. He said there is no way Zambia will develop or change if the same pre-Independence leaders continue at the helm of government.

Political Activist Dante Saunders said he fees ashamed that he campaigned for PF which is now taking away the hard earned democracy from the Zambian people. Saunders said PF has failed and called on the youths that voted never again vote for a recycled politician but usher in HH who he believe will tackled the challenges facing the ordinary people.