Guy Scott’s sexual affair with Effie affecting other ZNBC workers

Vice-president Guy Scott is said to be in a sexual relationship with ZNBC reporter Effie Mpande.

Effie is 32 years old while Guy Scott was born in 1944 and is married to Charlotte.

But moral matters which do not evidently matter in the PF aside, what is annoying ZNBC staff is the power Effie has assumed owing to her bonking the vice-president.

‘Even management fears her. She is untouchable’, explained one ZNBC staffer.

According to ZNBC staff, Effie has ‘ personalized’ the vice-president. No one else is assigned to cover Scott apart from Effie

‘Since Zambia’s vice president Dr. Scott was appointed, he has been using the young girl day and night such that even if she is on leave, she finds herself on the same seat with him on the plane,’ said another journalist.

One of them explained it like this:

‘This situation has brought tension in the work relations at ZNBC to which even management can’t have say anything on this immoral conduct being exhibited by Dr.