Guy Scott is A Racist — Ex-Diplomat

Vice President Guy Scott continues to come under sharp criticism for saying that he hates South Africans, the latest being from Mr. Joe Mwale an ex-diplomat.

In a press statement sent to various media houses Mr. Mwale says that Dr. Scott’s ranting have serious consequences as they compromise the safety of Zambians living in South Africa as well as those that take business or leisure trips to that country.

“I fear that xenophobic attacks on our citizens in that country may not be ruled out,” he says.

Mwale states that Dr. Scott’s reckless ranting also carry with them very serious racial overtones as they are targeted at the black South Africans.

“It is clear the South Africans he loves are his fellow white skinned people. He is simply a racist as evidenced by the slanderous and derogatory remarks he throws at his farm workers in Lusaka, referring to them as kaffirs and so on,” he alleges.