Guy Scott is a Dagga Smoker – Ex-Envoy

Zambia’s former ambassador to Japan Joe Mwale has said Vice-President Guy Scott should be on drugs like cannabis for insinuating that fourth Republican president Rupiah Banda has not right to support a preferred individual in a given race such as an election.

Mwale was responding to Dr Scott’s statement in Parliament on Friday in which President Michael Sata’s deputy insinuated that the Patriotic Front will soon fix president Banda whom he said should count himself lucky for unknown reasons.

But Mwale reminded Scott of how he paraded himself and others at Lusaka International Airport to welcome second president Frederick Chiluba when he rendered support to the Patriotic Front as an opposition party.

“Let me educate Guy Scott that there is nowhere in the Zambian constitution where it forbids a former head of state to exercise his right to choose a candidate of his choice, be it Banda or Kaunda. The nation has not forgotten that it was Mr.