Guy Scott blames MMD for subsidy removal, PF just implementing MMD Policy

Vice President Guy Scott has accused the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) of being the actual master minder of the first stage of removing subsidies on essential commodities of fuel and maize.
Dr. Scott note that, the Patriotic Front government has only implemented what the previous MMD government started.
Dr Scott said that the the development remove subsidy is not new as it was started by the MMD government. Dr Scott explained that the former ruling part agreed to remove subsidies on fuel in 2010 in three phases but u-turned on their decision towards the general election.
He said the PF government is just continuing from where the previous administration left.
Dr. Scott has also urged the MMD to support PF government’s decision to lift subsidies on fuel and maize as a fulfillment of the course the former ruling party earlier initiated.