Guy Scott Attacks Online Media, “PF Has Excellent Human Rights Record”

The Patriotic Front phobia of online media surfaced again as Vice President Guy Scott addressed heads of foreign missions in Livingstone.

Scott, who could not name the publications, followed up on Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba who also attacked the online media and criticized diplomats for relying on online media for information.

Scott said the PF had an excellent human rights record and also claimed the Public Order Act was not being selectively applied as reported in the media.

The Vice President seemed haunted by increasing calls by leading diplomatic missions that have warned the PF to go slow on their abuse of the Public Order Act.

So far the United States, Germany and Norwegian envoys have warned over the country’s deteriorated human rights record.

Opposition political parties and the civil society have struggled to organize public meetings as they are either harassed by the police or beaten up by ruling party cadres who are usually armed with machetes, pangas and knives.

Source : Zambia Reports

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