Guy Scoot says nothing wrong in naming the stadium ‘Gabon Disaster Heroes National’

Vice president Scott

Vice president Scott

Vice President Guy Scott has advised Members of Parliament who are opposed to naming the new stadium in Lusaka, as Gabon Disaster Heroes Stadium to table a motion in parliament and debate the issue.

The Vice President says there is nothing wrong in naming the stadium as suggest as people will not evening be calling it in full. Responding to Pemba MP, Mutinta Mazoka’s question on whether government plans to change the name of the stadium Dr. scott said the name will stand as of now.

He said people will be calling it which ever name they will like from Heroes stadium to Gabon Stadium. This was during the Vice President’s question time.
Dr. Scott said tabling a motion a private members motion will allow government hear different views.

Government has named the new stadium as Gabon Disaster Hero’s Stadium but this has attracted comments from the public who feel the name is not good.
But government through Minister of Sports Chishimba Kambwili has maintained that government will not reverse the decision.