Guards Protests Over Unpaid Salaries

Security guards at Guard Express Commany in Lusaka on Saturday afternoon staged a protest at the company premises as they demanded for payment of their salaries.

The irate workers said they had not been paid for over three months.

A check at the company premises situated on Bwenjimfumu road in Rhodes found the workers who were over 30 singing and chatting.

The workers claimed that the company has put them in untold misery as they have not been paid for close to four months.

Manex Lukama who spoke on behalf of other workers said the companied owned by an Indian national was owing the workers millions of thousands of kwachas in unpaid salaries.

He claimed that the company has been promising them money in last few months but it had not been coming.

Lukama said even those that have stopped working have not been paid both their salaries and benefits.

He has since asked government to come to the aid of the workers and push the company to say them.

He wondered how such companies were allowed to operate despite them failing to say their workers.

But attempts to get the company spokesperson failed as he remained lip tight.