Govt will revitalise NCZ – Sichinga

AGRICULTURE minister Bob Sichinga says the government will revitalise NCZ to ensure it also produces sulphuric and nitric acid apart from ammonium nitrate.

He said the government was rehabilitating various sections of the Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia plant to ensure it produces other products apart from fertiliser.

Sichinga said the ministry wanted to establish the performance of the plant because various parts of the plant were dilapidated.

He said the ministry would update the nation on NCZ operations once the ministers of finance and agriculture inspected the rehabilitation works in May this year.

“We want to establish the performance of the plant because a number of pieces are only being rehabilitated now. At the moment we want to see what the outcome will be. We have got two other plants that we are checking on to do some changes and rehabilitation,” Sichinga said.