Govt restricts FISP transporters

THE government has restricted to a maximum of two lots (zones) per company in the supply and delivery of 67,765.5 metric tonnes of fertiliser under the 2013 Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).

Last year, the government awarded the entire tender to Omnia and Nyiombo, which later turned out to be a difficult undertaking since the two companies were overwhelmed with the operations to deliver inputs across the country.

The development also resulted in some parts of the country not receiving top dressing fertiliser by January this year, a development that poses a risk to the country’s food security as poor agriculture yields are anticipated.

According to a tender documents issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, fertiliser procurement has been divided into five zones or lots.

It stated that Central and Luapula have been placed under zone one and would be allocated 11,027.